B24 Liberator A72-80

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Notes and updates

Memorial plaque
Monument Rocks
Map of Anjo Peninsula

There was an attempt by a Kevin Pearce of "SEAIR" in Broome to locate the wreckage sometime in late 2005. Apparently the sonar images were positive, but have heard no details nor had any further contact from the searchers.


Have been able to locate four other relatives of the crew members so far -
Ian Parry-Okeden - nephew of the Bombardier.
Bev Scott - niece of Bill Flanagan.
Michele Johansen - niece of AirGunner John Richmond Ryan.
John Ryan - cousin of Air gunner John Richmond Ryan



8 July 2009 - A further search and dive attempt was made in May 2009. There were several positive responses from the side-scan sonar so the location has been established. A further dive and ID attempt will be made in August or October 2009. Have very few details at this point.

9 June 2022. The dive expedition, conducted by Jim Miles in June 2009, discovered the wreckage. Not much of it left. Apparently broke in half and lies 'upside down', with only the wings and part of the tail assembly visible.


24 Sept 09 Well, here we go again. Website hacked by some berk apparently in Saudi Arabia.
Did think it was just mine, but apparently found a security loophole and brought down at least two of the "host" servers. Fortunately, had the website on my hard drive .. but have lost everything that was on the "forum".



At the going down of the sun, and in the morning - we will remember them |jaxpax99@hotmail.com

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